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An art that comes from the rock

Precious and semi precious stones in South Khorasan

The vast province of south Khorasan, due to the geological diversity of various tectonic events, is the site of the emergence of many valuable minerals, which few of them have been studied and identified. There are 139 units of decorative stone mine in South Khorasan province, of which 113 have operation license and 26 have certificate of discovery. These mines are located in Nehbandan, Ghaen, Darmian, Tabas, Birjand, Sarbisheh, Khosf, Boshrooye and zirKuh.

The diversity of precious stones in the South khorasan is so high that it has became  a land of precious stones. According to statistics, more than 50 types of precious and semi-precious stones have been identified in the province, with storage capacity estimated at 2 billion and 600 million tons. The decorative stones of the province include granite, marble, travertine and chinese stone, which export inside the country to Mashhad and Isfahan, as well as outside the country to European countries.

One of those cases is onyx found in a variety of colors such as red, terracotta, yellow, blue , black, green, gray, and brown. Onyx also has different types such as Yemeni onyx, Khorasan onyx, Shajari onyx, Soleimani onyx.

From ancient times, the tribes and nations of the world considered the onyx as a sacred stone and were not taking it away from themselves and they believe that it can protect them against accidents and disasters. And its very helpful to boost revenue, business boom and ease of work.

Khosf is one of the high-capacity cities in which all kinds of precious stones and onyx types are abundant and there are the finest decorative stones and different types of  red, Suleimani and Shajar onyx in the region. Gemstones and semi-precious stones are one of the rich and less-known capacities that, if has given value and attention, could develop the economy growth.


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